Thinking of Shooting on Film?

We'll Take Care of Supplying and Processing film for your project.

  • We have created this website with ordering built in. Simply select your dates, add equipment to your shopping cart and click reserve. We will check availability of the items and send you a confirmation. 

    If you prefer we can process orders over the phone or via email.  

  • Our rental agreement is included in our reservation process so no need to fill it out, but you can find a copy here.

    As with any professional rental shop we always require insurance. A COI example can be found HERE. Please email your COI to [email protected]

    Credit Card authorization is also included in our system.

  • ONE DAY RENTAL - Pick up any weekday after 1pm, shoot the following day, return the next day before 10am.

    3 DAY WEEK - Any rental 3-7 days long, will be billed as 3 rental days.

    ONE DAY WEEKENDS - Pick up Friday afternoon and return Monday morning. You will only be charged 1 rental day. We are typically closed on weekends.

  • Quick Order Bundles - Are for producers or DPs looking to save time and ensure they have all of the key items. These Bundles range from small cost effective interview packages to full on commercial/movie packages. Just add your lenses and you are ready to go.

  • Yes! While we prefer you do a full prep at our space to ensure you have everything you need we understand that's not always possible. Delivery is based on availability and location,  please don't hesitate to inquire.